SpiralDB is a FREE bookmarklet and Chrome extension that gives you instant access to data from some of the best SEO and marketing tools around

What is SpiralDB?

SpiralDB is a free project built off the back of the strong relationships that exist between Kerboo, Ahrefs, SEMRush and Majestic.

We wanted to make a free tool that very quickly and easily gives you an overview of a website’s health via its link profile, search engine visibility and several other factors.

Powered by Phil and Colin, the SpiralDB bookmarklet and Chrome extension gives you a lot of useful domain level information at the click of a button.

Sign up now and see what you think – after all, its free :)

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Who are Kerboo?

Kerboo is a workflow platform focussed on assisting digital marketers to manage parts of their daily activity.

Initially created in the wake of Google’s Penguin algorithm updates, Kerboo has expanded to become a core tool set for many search and affiliate marketing professionals.

Built with enterprise level scalability and security in mind, Kerboo is an awarding winning SEO software platform that makes you smarter in all your digital marketing tasks.

You can check out the data that Kerboo gives you via the Peek app using the SpiralDB bookmarklet

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Who are Ahrefs?

Ahrefs.com is an independent tool for SEO analysis with a wide range of features. It is designed, first of all, for SEO specialists and site owners but may be of interest to other concerned Internet researchers.

Ahrefs collect and arrange all data without any use of third-party services and are proud of the largest base of actual data on the links. The crawler can index up to 6 billion pages per 24 hours with the index updated every 15 minutes at the average.

You can check out the Ahrefs Rank of a website using the SpiralDB bookmarklet.

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Who are SEMrush?

SEMrush is a tool created by SEO/SEM professionals for SEO/SEM professionals. They have the knowledge, expertise, and data to help you take your projects to the next level.

They collect massive amounts of SERP data for more than 106 million keywords and about 100 millions domains, including: AdWords ad copies and positions, organic positions for domains and landing URLs, search volumes, CPC, competition, number of results, and so much more. SEMrush also provides accurate, customized data with quick turnaround times for your special projects.

You can see the SEMrush organic search visibility graphs using the SpiralDB bookmarklet.

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Who are Majestic?

Majestic surveys and maps the Internet and has created the largest commercial Link Intelligence database in the world.

This Internet map is used by SEOs, New Media Specialists, Affiliate Managers and online Marketing experts for a variety of uses surrounding online prominence including Link Building, Reputation Management, Website Traffic development, Competitor analysis and News Monitoring.

As link data is also a component of search engine ranking, understanding the link profile of your own, as well as competitor websites can empower rational study of Search Engine positioning.

You can see the Majestic’s TrustFlow and CitationFlow metrics for a domain using the SpiralDB bookmarklet

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Welcome to SpiralDB

All the site data you need to aid your decision making, at the click of a button – and all for free. What are you waiting for…

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